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Salish Sea Sentinel | September 24, 2020

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Energy and food security workshops at T’Sou-ke for NmTC members

Energy and food security workshops at T’Sou-ke for NmTC members

Building capacity for energy and food security will be on the agenda during two days of workshops in March at T’Sou-ke Nation.

Those sessions will be part of Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council’s nation-to-nation (N2N) mentorship initiative. Up to two participants from all eleven NmTC nations are invited to attend the March 14-15 events with youth attendance encouraged.

people looking at solar panels on building

Solar panels at work on community buildings.

The first day’s focus will be on energy security for nations interested in reducing their energy use or producing alternative forms of energy. T’Sou-ke is approaching energy self-sufficiency with its impressive solar installations that generate electricity and hot water to homes.

Andrew Moore from T’Sou-ke will lead the discussions with guests from BC Hydro and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. There will be a solar tour of the community, as well as discussions about energy conservation best practices and sources of funding and programming.

The second day will focus on how T’Sou-ke is working towards its goal of food self-sufficiency by reconnecting to traditional food systems and building community and commercial  greenhouses.

Led by Christine George, there will be hands-and-boots-on learning about beach harvesting and traditional foods, as well as tours of the community’s Ladybug nursery and commercial wasabi greenhouses.

Travel, accommodation and meal expenses will be covered for up to two participants from each NmTC nation. All nations are encouraged to include one youth participant.

More than two participants are welcome if space permits, but expenses will only be covered for up to two.

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