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Salish Sea Sentinel | April 20, 2024

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Halalt celebrates updated community plan

Halalt celebrates updated community plan

Photo: Aleka Norris and other dancers open the event

Halalt First Nation is moving forward with the first phase of an updated Comprehensive Community Plan after months of work to gather input from members.  

The nation held a celebration in its gymnasium to celebrate the completed document on April 11.  

The event was hosted by Halalt’s planning team: Jennifer Norris, Nicole Norris, Marie Rowland, Kristin Thomas and Tricia Thomas. 

The planning team was formed with help from two students from the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning, which partnered with Halalt.  

Laura Hillis and Desiree Givens are master’s degree students and have spent six months working with Halalt to build the Comprehensive Community Plan as part of their practicum. 

“We’ve learned a ton and we’re really excited to celebrate that with you,” Hillis said. 

The updated plan takes in past input from the nation, along with input that was gathered by the students and Halalt’s planning team.  

The goals outlined in the document include promoting language and culture, protecting resources, addressing educational needs and developing a self-sustaining economy. 

Halalt Coun. Pat Thomas said, now that the plan is out there, it’s important for the community to keep the momentum going.  

The plan will grow and be updated as required. 

“We need the community involved to keep moving forward, to keep (the plan) alive so it doesn’t collect dust,” she said.