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Salish Sea Sentinel | May 17, 2024

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Xyntax ‘owners’ getting the message

Xyntax ‘owners’ getting the message

Key staff at Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council nations got special insights into Xyntax financial management software in January.

Dwayne Lewis, creator and CEO of Xyntax Systems, and his son Bryson (business development and customer support) visited several NmTC nations to give a hands-on demonstration of the software to administration staff in housing, finance, social services and other departments.

The Xyntax ‘road show’ introduced the capabilities of the software that is close to the heart of all NmTC nations. The tribal council purchased 80 per cent of Xyntax Systems in 2012. At the time, NmTC directors saw an opportunity in owning a company that makes financial management software exclusively for First Nations.  Xyntax software is used by more than 80 organizations across Canada, including four NmTC members.

Gary Reith, acting CEO of NmTC, said: “Our member nations will be the direct beneficiaries of the growth and profitability of Xyntax Systems. It only makes sense that staff learns about the many benefits that come from using the software. “Xyntax offers compelling advantages over generic software. It can enhance the effectiveness of an organization. That’s why we are suggesting that all NmTC members decide to make Xyntax their financial management software of choice.”

Dwayne Lewis said that Xyntax’s “only business is with First Nations and band-owned organizations. I have seen many positive changes and growth in First Nations’ financial management requirements since the company was created 29 years ago.

Sometimes those requirements were thrust upon the nation by external funding agencies. Other times, change was due to a First Nation becoming more proactive in controlling and managing their finances.” That was certainly the message received from the 150 delegates from across Canada who attended the Xyntax Summit last September in Victoria.

Software users from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island attended the event to learn about new modules for human resources and accounts receivable. And they heard the message: “Help us design this for your use.” That has been the spirit of Xyntax since the start – listening to users in administration departments of First Nations and designing components based on suggestions from users.

Xyntax System users are a mixed lot, from financial controllers and band administrators to social assistance managers and economic development workers. But what they have in common is a passion for their work and a belief in the continuous improvement of themselves and the tools like Xyntax that they use.