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Salish Sea Sentinel | August 5, 2020

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A new way forward for Klahoose

By Chief Kevin Peacey

Chief Kevin Peacy

Chief Kevin Peacy

Kevin Peacey was elected as the new chief of Klahoose First Nation in April after serving four years on council. His priorities for the nation include job creation, connecting the community and accountability.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me to become the Chief at Klahoose, it is a real honour to serve the members in this way, and I commit to make the positive changes needed to take our nation forward. I’d also like to thank all the ones who voted, no matter who you supported, for participating in our election and please know that Chief and Council will be working on behalf of everyone.

I’d like to thank James Delorme for his efforts over the last six years for being Chief at Klahoose, and also express a big appreciation to Kathy Francis for her dedicated service and commitment to our nation for the last several years.

It is so great to welcome Helen Hanson and Michelle Robinson to the Council team. They each bring different skills and passion to the table. Together with Billy Barnes we will be working hard to fulfill our responsibilities as Chief and Council.

I will be sticking to my campaign platform to bring more transparency, accountability and inclusion of Klahoose business and governance. The members will know more what is going on and will be included in important decision making processes. One way we will begin this is to have regular community meetings, giving advanced notice and also live streaming so members can tune in from far away if they wish. Before our first community meeting though, Council will be getting acquainted and updated on all Klahoose matters, business ventures and ongoing projects.

Meanwhile, one very exciting project at Klahoose is preparing to participate in the canoe journey early August for the first time.

Recently, more members in the community made paddles with Sherman Pallen, which is so awesome. There are many ways to get involved, with the songs, making regalia, feasting, practicing paddling, and planning the journey with a support boat and land crew. Culture night on Wednesdays will be focusing on these tasks, come on over and be a big part of this. This is a huge start for years to come, reclaiming our traditions and keeping our culture going. The canoe journey can really bring our families together, something we can be proud of as a nation.


Reprinted with permission from Klahoose with slight edits.