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Salish Sea Sentinel | June 8, 2023

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Communities work with NmTC on housing policy

Communities work with NmTC on housing policy

A “toolkit” document intended to help solve dilemmas with on-reserve housing has already been distributed to more than 250 First Nations across Canada.

Now those behind the report are working with communities to put the Housing Policy Toolkit 2.0 document into use.

The toolkit was developed by Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council with input from Indigenous organizations, consultants and First Nations.

On Oct. 19, Naut’sa mawt’s Housing Policy Advisor Eric Blueschke led a workshop in Nanaimo to further the discussion on creating a community housing policies.

He said, now that communities have the policy tools, they can start to use and expand them to make things easier when it comes to housing on-reserve.

“The workshop was the first step in using our policy tools,” he said.

Blueschke said the toolkit is important because it helps nations down housing rules on reserve and helps nations to create custom plans to deal with their unique needs.

He is now working with communities under NmTC’s umbrella to use the toolkit and to expand the document by springtime.

“(NmTC) member nations are leading the way in this approach,” he said. “They’re the first ones to use this toolkit.”

To inquire about the document, Blueschke can be contacted via email at