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Salish Sea Sentinel | June 19, 2024

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Stz’uminus land vote “yes”

Stz’uminus members voted overwhelmingly to reassume jurisdiction of their lands on Dec. 5. A total of 96 per cent of registered voters said a resounding ‘Yes’ to a framework agreement on First Nation Land Management (FNLM).

The vote in favour of land governance means that the nation is now ready to regain control over 1,200 acres of lands on four reserves and their resources.

The nation, with about 1,300 members, has been talking about FNLM and its implications for more than a year. Crucial to the success vote was the work of a communications committee that held meetings for the entire community as well as with families to inform them about what FNLM means.

At the same time, the economic development company owned by Stz’uminus, Coast Salish Development Corp, held a series of high profile events that attracted business and political leaders from First Nations around BC and neighbouring communities.

One of those who attended was Chief Robert Louie of Westbank First Nation. After getting news of the vote, he said: “I am extremely pleased for the Stz’uminus community who overwhelmingly voted in favour of their land code.

I offer chief and council and the Stz’uminus community my heartiest congratulations! I am confident that with Stz’uminus land management jurisdiction, they will succeed in every respect at the highest level. Well done Stz’uminus!”