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Salish Sea Sentinel | April 7, 2020

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Career fair a big success at Halalt

By Edith Moore, NmTC Communications Liason

This article is a pleasure to write because I get to brag about how wonderful my job is and also about my daughter Mikaela Whitelaw and niece Brittany Tremblett.

The H’ulh-etun Health Society works with Halalt Frist Nation, Lyackson First Nation, and Malahat Nation and together they hosted a career fair.  It was a pleasure to MC this event.

Explore, Inspire, and Embrace your Future was the headline on the invitation. Members came and did just that! There were vendors from all over the community chosen to represent  opportunities ranging from universities and colleges to career management groups. Visitors were able explore by speaking with each vendor. This broke down barriers and sparked interest for new opportunities. How wonderful to have this opportunity come to your doorstep.

My daughter Mikaela and niece Brittany Tremblett along with John Brebber all Halalt band members were invited to give an inspirational speech outlining how they have been able to
arrive at the successes they are celebrating today. Mikaela graduates this year with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Criminology, Brittany also graduates this year from VIU with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Physical Education. John Brebber is a self-made entrepreneur, gaining his success with starting his small business by cutting wood to now owning a semi-truck. They all spoke about how they overcame challenges by keeping in mind what they wanted to accomplish. Working hard, keeping your eye on the prize and believing in yourself.

This event met what it set out to do for our communities…. Explore, Inspire and Embrace the future, and I am so thankful for the experience. As we look at our youth for the future of our communities it brings me such pride to see my daughter paving the way with so many others.